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Artisan Consulting Engineers, LLC, was established in 2009 to provide professional engineering and land surveying services.


Our team of professional engineers has decades of experience and includes:

  • Licensed Professional Engineers (PE)

  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyors (PLS)

  • Certified Federal Land Surveyor (CFedS)

  • Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)

  • Certified Survey Technicians (CST)

  • Certified Professional Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) Engineer


We are dedicated to applying our expertise to innovatively and efficiently meet our client's needs. We are noted for our embrace of creative solutions and our commitment to detail in meeting your project goals. Our goal is to foster a lasting and ongoing relationship with our clients that is based on trust, confidence, and a shared vision of what we can achieve together.





Neal Evans is a founding member of Artisan Consulting Engineers, LLC, and is the managing agent in charge of the company’s practice of professional engineering activities in the State of Illinois, Missouri, Florida, and Wisconsin. Mr. Evans is also in charge of marketing, business operations, and business development for Artisan.

Mr. Evans has over 18 years of civil engineering and land surveying experience associated with technical design, project engineering, and project management. This work includes preparation of plans, special provisions, and estimates for roads and streets, drainage and traffic studies, hydraulic reports, land surveying, sanitary sewers and watermains, construction observation and inspections, and construction management.  He has worked primarily as the Project Manager on various civil engineering and land surveying projects for both the private and public sectors.



PLS, PE, CFeds

Kevin Krohe is a Member of Artisan Consulting Engineers LLC, and is the managing agent in charge of the Company’s practice of professional land surveying activities. As the managing agent, his duties include being President of Artisan’s land surveying department. Mr. Krohe has over 16 years of civil engineering and land surveying experience.

Mr. Krohe’s experience in land surveying includes various office and field tasks associated with route surveys, Right-of-Way Plats, Right-of-Way Staking, Easement Plats, Premise Plats, section Corner Plat of Surveys, ALTA’s, and staking plans for construction projects. His experience includes topographic surveys, planimetric surveys, cadastral and control surveys, setting staff gauges, geodetic surveys, hydrographic surveys, mobile GPS mapping, and GIS.

Mr. Krohe is also a Certified Federal Land Surveyor. This adds approximately 1200 hours of intense training designed and implemented by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He is familiar with surveying and engineering software such as MicroStation PowerCivil (Bentley), and AutoCAD using GEOPAK, Eagle Point, and Civil 3D. He is also experienced with using GPS and Robotic surveying equipment such GPS Hiper SR (Topcon Longlink RTK communication) and QS series robotics.

Hard Working Staff

— Tim Icenogle, PE

Cass County Highway Engineer

“pleasure to work with...professional skills combined with the one on one approach make Artisan and excellent fit..utilization of new technologies combined with standard practices has allowed them to meet project timelines”


“These students are excited about the prospects of engineering. They realize it isn’t just a technical pursuit. It involves making lives better for the community around us".

-Thomas Okte, Artisan

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