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general store


Artisan Consulting Engineers was tasked to provide engineering and land surveying services related to a 3 acre site with a 3300sf building for a Casey’s General Store development  in Virginia Illinois.

Site construction engineering plans were prepared. These plans include ADA compliant (IL Accessibility Code) parking lot, entrance and sidewalk design. Design included analysis for delivery trucks, turning design and entry access. Artisan also prepared utility plans and site grading plans illustrating all necessary spot grades and contours to properly drain the site in accordance with Casey’s standards. Plans provided storm sewer design as required by local and state agencies, and discharges to an available outlet for the property. A storm water study and report was generated to design the storm detention system. Included in the grading plans are erosion control measures in accordance with the NDPES permit. A SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) was included in the construction plans. City, State and federal permitting process of the site was required and included calculations. Once approved by all required agencies, construction staking, monitoring and observations will be completed by Artisan. 

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