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dollar general stores


Artisan Consulting Engineers was tasked to perform civil engineering and land surveying services associated with the development of 1 to 2 acre sites that became Dollar General Store Locations. These projects have been located all across the state of Illinois, ranging from Rockford to Carbondale, Illinois.

Artisan prepares conceptual site plans from aerial photographs. Upon approval from the Client, the existing site features are verified via planimetric and ALTA surveys prior to proceeding with engineering and construction plans. Artisan establishes onsite local, state, and/or federal controls for horizontal and vertical datum’s. Artisan obtains field data consisting of existing infrastructures such as utilities, buildings, roadways, sidewalks, including topography. Research at the local county court house and abstract office is required to obtain current and up to date legal description of land owners. Field data is collected using a variety of equipment. Upon completion of the field work this information is imported into MicroStation using Bentley software. After approval of conceptual plans, site construction engineering plans are prepared. City, State and federal permitting process of all sites is required and include calculations. This involves stormwater reports and analysis including detention calculations and routing summaries. Once approved by all required agencies, construction staking, monitoring and observations are completed by Artisan.

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