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Artisan was tasked to provide a design topographic survey for roadway construction. Total length of scan consisted of 12 miles. Artisan provided complete topographic survey for design of the 3 miles of rural and urban roadway. GPS was utilized to set horizontal control, referencing Illinois State Plane coordinate system, then utilizing digital levels, vertical control was established referencing NAVD 1988.  Once control was finished, we began scanning the designated areas. To obtain redundancy with the point cloud, multiple passes with scanner were completed. To assist with mapping of the point cloud 360 degree photos are taken at the same time at 25 foot intervals.  Once complete the scan was processed and a point cloud was generated. Using design software, we extracted curb line, pavement line, sidewalk, etc. These features were then used to create the existing contours and spot elevations. The location of buildings, power poles, fire hydrants and fencing were also extracted. These are then incorporated onto the final map, along with the property lines, aerial photos and road way plans. The deliverables consisted of providing the owner with a Topographic Survey, (Paper and CAD format), 3D point cloud, per construction photo’ s (360 degree photos of site area and 25’ intervals), and roadway plans.


Artisan offers 3D mobile scanning services. Mobile scanning technology has revolutionized the way accurate data is captured in the field for design, modeling and simulation in 2D or 3D formats purposes. Safety, quality, accuracy and efficiency are all key factors to utilize mobile scanning technology. Mobile scanning combines 3D laser scanning, GPS, inertial measurement and video/photo technologies.  3D Scanning is a fast and accurate method of putting physical measurements of an object onto the computer in an organized manner, resulting in what is commonly called 3D scan data. Typically, the 3D scan data is represented with a scale digital model or a 3D graphical rendering. Once the scan data is on the computer, all of the dimensions of the physical object can be taken, such as length, width, height, volume, feature size, feature location, surface area, etc. Mobile mapping can be used anywhere with allowable access. We continue to advance in 3D scanning technology, software and training to provide our clients with the highest level of precision in the shortest amount of time.


Please contact us for a no obligation demonstration of our 3D scanning services, or to simply answer your questions for your next large or small project.

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