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Artisan  was tasked to provide engineering design, land surveying and construction inspection services for the widening of Fairwind Blvd, and new construction extension (0.36 miles) of Fairwind Blvd from Center St. to Lisbon St. in Sandwich Illinois. This project scope and approach is outlined below:

Grant Assistance: Artisan provided assistance in writing and securing a DCEO Grant.

Traffic Engineering Services: Artisan provided traffic analysis including traffic impact studies, intersection improvement evaluations, assessment and studied options for widening, additional lanes and intersection design.

Land Surveying: Artisan provided surveys for design including topographic and utility locations.
Planning Review: Artisan provided probable costs estimates of proposed improvements, and evaluation of all permitting required.

Roadway Design Plans: Artisan provided construction documents for the widening and 0.36 miles new construction south extension of Fairwind Blvd. These plans included, watermain extension design, drainage analysis, storm sewer design, sanitary sewer design, specifications and managed and procured all required permitting.

Street Lighting Plans: Artisan provided street lighting design plans and specifications.
Bike Trail: Artisan provided design plans and specifications for the addition of a bike trail along the extension.

Construction Administration Assistance: Artisan provided bid assistance, and construction phase assistance. This included shop drawing review, RFI, and management of concrete testing.

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